Submerged Scraper Conveyor Systems

RUD CRATOS equipment forms the heart of a submerged scraper conveyor. With CRATOS wet de-ashing systems, conveying capacities of about 5 t/h to 50 t/h are achieved. Rates from 70 t/h have already been achieved. The conveyor width is based on 2500 mm. While in the past mainly high translating belt or chain drives have been used, nowadays electro-mechanical or hydraulic drives have taken over. Current velocity rates are 0.01 m/s....0, 05 m/s, very rarely more than 0.07 m/s.

CRATOS chains, chain connectors, drive wheels (sprocket wheels and pocket wheels), guide wheels and scraper bars are highly wear-resistant, optimally heat treated, and self-cleaning in comparison to other systems.

RUD Conveyor Systems

Submerged scraper conveyor systems, design versions:

  • As upper strand conveyor:
    • Material is conveyed on the intermediate bottom in the water filled upper strand
    • the intermediate bottom is lined with wear protection. The choice of wear protection depends on the goods conveyed. Used are Hardox, basalt or aluminium oxyde plates (in ascending order of the wear resistance and the investment costs)
    • Only the part of the conveyor above the intermediate bottom is filled with water, return strands run on the dry wear rails
    • Tension station is arranged mainly vertically, rarely horizontal
    • Idlers in the upper strand as submerged overhung idlers (SOI); idlers positioned in the return strand are arranged on a full lined shaft
  • As bottom strand conveyor:
    •  Material is conveyed in the water filled bottom strand
    •  Intermediate bottom is designed as a deck and used as cooling line
    • The entire conveyer trough is filled with water up to about 5 cm (2”) above the intermediate deck
    •  Tension station is arranged mainly horizontally
    • All pulleys are installed as submerged overhung idlers (SOI)