RUD Chains in special quality have exceptional core toughness, which gives them a high breaking strength and resistance to brittle fracture. RUD Chains are not fatigue critical.  
The resistance of the chain geometry to the operational stress is always matched to all other system components. This is essential to ensure safe, long-term operational use. The RUD quality strategy is also always leading to new product optimizations, such as reducing the weight of the forked link chain – RUD FORKY.

Round steel link chain

RUD round steel chains are long-lasting, robust and suitable for every possible application. If conveying, driving or hoisting, we provide you with the appropriate round steel chain. Through our long standing experience in the mechanical engineering fields of forming, welding, heat treatment and surface technology, we exaclty know which chain suits best to your applications.

Forked link chains

The unique RUD heat-treatment process guarantees a constant material quality, and so high system availability. The forked chains are top-quality forged under optimal design of the grain flow orientation in the die.