Round steel link chain

RUD round steel link chains are long-lasting, robust and suitable for every possible application. If conveying, driving or hoisting, we provide you with the appropriate round steel chain. Through our long standing experience in the mechanical engineering fields of forming, welding, heat treatment and surface technology, we exaclty know which chain suits best to your applications.

Advantages of round steel chains in comparison to competitive systems:

  • Highly wear-resistant for a long time
  • High-strength, as optimally heat-treated
  • Three-dimensional mobility
  • Self-cleaning
  • Robust and durable
  • Compact in size
  • Low-maintenance when compared to other systems
  • Low-noise
  • Unsusceptible to corrosion
  • Simply assembly and disassembly of RUD components in the chain-belt

Hardness profile across the cross-section

RUD chains combine a very high wear resistance with extraordinary high strength and toughness. These characteristics enable higher factors of safety for a high capacity bucket elevator.
As strength and relation of mechanical and tribological demands on a chain are dependant on the installation where the chain is used, RUD offers chains and components in special qualities in differing combinations of wear resistance and breaking strength, to cater for all requirements.

The new RUD chain specification

Worldwide competition and continuous demand for the highest quality requires innovative quality plans of all companies.

All RUD chains and components in special qualities have a remarkable fatigue strength with greatly improved resistance to fatigue fractures in operation. Chains and components are matched with regard to their resistance to operating stress.

Round steel link chain - the new RUD specification

Round steel link chains in special grades – highly wear-resistant