For submerged scraper conveyor systems, great attention is paid to the design of the guide and tensioning wheels because their reliable function is crucial to the service life of the chain equipment. The contact surfaces are inductively  hardened for heavy-duty operational conditions. Type A and B chain wheels are suitable for Duomount and SSRF attachments respectively. Type C is designed for FM attachments as well as MEET and MEETK.

Idler type A

Type A with groove often used as tensioning idler and as Submerged Overhung Idler.

Idler type B

Type B without rim for all the remaining defl ections, rarely single gearwheels.

Idler type C

Type C without groove.

Submerged Overhung Idler (SOI)

Grooved idler with rim for using in the hoistway.
Ideal for Submerged Overhung Idler systems.